Nissan EV Tax Incentives
in Connecticut


If you're in the market for a new car and curious about EV tax credits and rebates, come get all the information you need at George Harte Nissan. Our team will gladly explain all the benefits of choosing an electric car in Connecticut, including EV tax incentives and other great ways you can save. From Connecticut EV tax credits to federal electric car incentives, there are a wide range of ways for you to save big when going electric at our Nissan dealership near New Haven. Meet with our team to learn more about why a Nissan LEAF® EV is the right choice for you!

Connecticut Electric Car Tax Rebates

When you buy a new Nissan EV in Connecticut, you may be eligible to receive EV incentives.1 This includes the Connecticut Hydrogen & Electric Automobile Purchase Rebate (CHEAPR), which applies to eligible purchases and leases of an EV or plug-in hybrid car. This CT electric car rebate will be taken off the purchase price of your vehicle and the team at George Harte Nissan will complete and submit all necessary application materials for you.1

Federal EV Tax Credit

Financing a new Nissan electric car also makes you eligible for potential federal EV tax credits.1 These federal electric car tax incentives can be used to reduce taxes you owe in the year in which you purchased the vehicle, but does not guarantee a tax refund. We recommend that you consult a tax advisor on how exactly federal EV tax credits can reduce your overall taxes. Have other questions about electric car financing and EV specials? Speak with our team to get additional details on ways you can save when buying an electric car in Connecticut.

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