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Are you shopping for your first car? Want tips on what to look for when buying a pre-owned vehicle? Turn to the experts at our Nissan dealer in West Haven for auto financing advice, first-time car-buyer tips, used car specials and so much more. We have you covered throughout the process, allowing you to ask questions to find out which used car is right for you. From used car warranties and pre-owned vehicle specials to Certified Pre-Owned Nissan benefits, there's a lot to enjoy at George Harte Nissan. Speak with our used car financing experts and get answers for all the used car FAQs you're wondering about!

Used Vehicle FAQs


Is it good to buy a used car at a dealer?

Yes! Buying a used vehicle at a car dealership allows you to get extra confidence with your purchase. Used vehicles at our local car dealer go through inspections and are all in quality condition when put up for sale. You may also be able to receive a used car warranty or other added benefits when buying from a car dealership vs. an independent auto sales location.


What mileage should a used car have?

A used car with low mileage is recommended, although used cars with high mileage can still be in great condition. The vehicle's maintenance record is important when buying any used vehicle, but more so when you are buying a vehicle with high mileage.


Is it OK to buy a used car with high mileage?

Yes, it is OK to buy a used car with high mileage as long as it's in good condition and has been well taken care of by previous owners.


What is the first thing you should do when buying a used car?

The first thing you should do when buying a used car is check its maintenance record, current condition and other factors that may impact its value.


What is the first thing you should do after buying a used car?

The first things you should do after buying a used car is getting the vehicle registration and auto insurance. When it comes time for routine car maintenance or auto repairs, you can return to our local auto service center.


Can I trade or sell a used car to a dealership?

Yes, you can trade a vehicle or sell a car to a dealership. Our local car dealership buys used cars and accepts trade-ins when you are looking to get rid of a vehicle or upgrade to a new Nissan. Contact us to get started!

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