Nissan Electric Vehicle FAQs

2022 Nissan Leaf driving on a highway

Do you have questions about Nissan electric cars? Wondering about Nissan EV incentives in Connecticut or want to review Nissan electric vehicle charging options? Get answers to Nissan EV FAQs and more by meeting with the team at our Nissan dealer near New Haven. We can go the over Nissan LEAF range, all-new Nissan ARIYA EV specs and so much more. Our experts can explain how to charge an electric car, how much charging an EV costs, financing a new electric car and anything else you may have questions about. To reserve a new Nissan electric car nearby, shop online or in person at George Harte Nissan.

Does Nissan Sell Electric Cars?

Yes, you can buy a new Nissan EV at our local Nissan dealership. Reserve a new Nissan LEAF EV or fully electric Nissan ARIYA EV for a new Nissan electric car.

How Do I Charge an Electric Car?

To charge an electric car, plug in your vehicle at a local EV charging station or by using an at-home electric car charging port. EV charging times vary depending on model and the type of EV charging level.

How Much Does a Nissan LEAF Electric Car Cost?

Check with our local Nissan dealer for updates on the Nissan LEAF price, EV incentives and more. We'll go over your different Nissan LEAF financing options, how to claim federal electric car tax incentives and answer any questions you have.

What Is the Nissan LEAF Range?

The new Nissan LEAF range is up to an EPA-estimated 212 miles.1 The Nissan LEAF MPGe is up to 123 city, giving you the eco-friendly performance you're looking for.

What Is the Name of the Fully Electric Nissan Model?

The Nissan LEAF and Nissan ARIYA are 100% electric vehicles that offer an alternative to gas-powered vehicles. From EV tax incentives and lower maintenance costs to other Nissan EV ownership benefits, there's a lot to love about a new electric car.

What Is the Most Reliable Electric Car Today?

The new Nissan ARIYA and Nissan LEAF EVs are both reliable electric cars for sale that offer advanced safety technologies and trustworthy performance. Review the Nissan LEAF specs and ARIYA reliability to see why these new Nissan EVs are right for you.

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